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Many Games for all

5 free games
right away

Any buyer of a cube will have 5 free games for life! It's our way of making you discover the cube and all its possibilities. 5 games for 5 ways to play; fun, memory, action... Let's try!
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Unlimited games per subscription

The cube is generous! For less than 1 €/month, you have access to dozens and dozens of games. But also to all the novelties! We have not finished surprising you!
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New games every week

And hop, with the cube, say goodbye to monotony! Each month, we propose you to live new playful experiences, to spend good moments together for young and old, whether you are novices or game buffa.
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Playlists for every moments of life

You play it more solo, in the tribe in the evening, with two or with friends, with girlfriends, with family for young and old or even on holiday? Play your games! You will choose from our catalog of games for the whole family, quiet games to settle quietly, action games for serious kiffer and this is just the beginning!
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Even without network

When you play, you don't need a network to play! Launch your playlist wherever you are. The cube's autonomy is 2 hours. The battery is charged via USB cable which is supplied with the cube.
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