• + from 7 years old
  • + 1 to 10 players
  • + Guarantee : 1 year 

During three month, it's a gift! Discover all the games of the Cube, then subscribe for €0.99 per month or €9.90 per year * for :

  • Over 40 games unlimited
  • All news
  • All playlists
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You will receive your Cube + everything you need to play:

  • Your Cube
  • The free mobile app that contains the games, is available for free on Google play and Apple store.
  • A USB cable to recharge the battery of your Cube.

How to play?

To play with the Cube, turn on your phone's Bluetooth®. To do this, go to the settings tab of your phone and turn on the Bluetooth® function of the telephone. It will allow your phone to connect with the Cube.

Make sure your Cube is loaded properly. To do this, activate the Cube by tapping on one side or shaking it. If the green light flashes or is turned off, recharge your Cube using its USB cable. To recharge the Cube, simply connect the USB cable to the Cube and to the USB port of your computer or to a maximum 5V charger. The Green LED lights up during charging. This light stays on continuously when the Cube is fully charged (2 to 3h approx.).

Tap the "Cube " icon at the top right of the application screen to access the Cube's connection menu and then select your Cube from the list of detected Cubes.

* And if you do not subscribe?

Or not right now? No worries, you can still play with your Cube! We offer you 5 games of your choice for life. And if you want to discover all the games and novelties of the Cube, you can choose to subscribe at any time!


  • HDPE plastic

    The Cube is made of HDPE, a plastic that is both flexible and resistant, used by many game manufacturers. The Cube has printed pictograms and is not suitable for children under three years of age.

  • Weight

    The Cube is black, very light (150g) and holds in all hands (8 cm side).

  • Bluetooth®

    The Cube uses Bluetooth® technology that allows an association with your phone.

  • Autonomy

    The cube's autonomy is two hours long. The lithium ion battery 100mA 3.7 V is charged by micro USB 2.0 universal cable that comes with the cube. A charge indication led makes sure that the cube is fully recharged.

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