The Cube

Discover the new gaming experience

Having Fun Together

Want to giggle, share, joy, vibrate together, short want to spend unique moments! The cube is a revolutionary object that allows you to play together. At 2, 3, or much more. From a few minutes to a full evening, dozens and dozens of unique and amazing games for laughs, sharpen your reflexes, test your memory, make children play together

So simple

No need to use instructions, dice, checkers, game table or long explanations. Just the cube and the app. We select a game, we type to listen to the rule, we launch the game. To stop the game we shake, and we tap on one side of the cube to select another game....

Everywhere all the time

Inside or outside? I don't care! No need to have network or to be WiFi, you can take the cube everywhere! For a drink, a party with friends, a birthday... On vacation, at the beach, at the mountain or in the Office, the cube is the ideal partner for good times...

For All

Universal! The cube is made for all young people from 7 to 77 years old and older. Families, children, teenagers, buddies, animators, the incredible variety of the games of the cube is an endless source of good times for all!

How it works


After you purchase your cube, download the free app from Google play or Apple store. Put your cube near your mobile phone. In the Bluetooth section of your mobile, accept the cube. Then let the application guide you to configure the cube. Less than 1 minute later, you can play.