How do I get my Cube?

You can buy it directly on our site, delivery current may 2019.

At what age can we play the Cube?

Everyone can play with the cube, from 7 years, children, adults, teens... There are games for everyone!

Do we need WiFi to play with the Cube?

Not! no WiFi! You can play anywhere: in the heart of a forest or even on a boat in the open sea! Is the cube compatible with all Smartphone models? The cube is compatible with all models of IOS and Android mobiles, i.e. almost all smartphones worldwide!

Could we plug the Cube with a Tablet?

Yes! You can plug the cube with a Smartphone or tablet, just need to have Bluetooth.

What is the autonomy of the Cube and how does the charger?

The Cube's autonomy is two hours. The battery is charging via micro-USB cable < > that comes with the cube.

Comment verb turn on. and turn off the Cube?

Tap or shake your Cube to turn it on. It automatically switches to standby after five minutes of inactivity.

Is the Cube solid?

Yes, the Cube is made of HDPE, a plastic that is both flexible and resistant, used by many game manufacturers.

What is the size and weight of the Cube?

The Cube is very light (150g) and holds in all hands (8 cm side).

If I have a game idea, can I submit it to you?

Of course, with great pleasure! If your game idea is selected, we will develop it and put it in our game catalog and you'll be paid in the form of royalties on your game downloads. In what language will the games Cube your life? The games will be in English and French for the moment. We will propose other languages from the end of the year 2019.

Will there be an open-source API for anyone who wants to do it?

Yes, there will of course be an open-source API for anyone who wants to develop your game can do it and even be compensated if they want to do it:-)

I worry about the durability of the Cube in time. If we type and shake the Cube, how will the electronics react inside?

We do not want to offer a gadget product! That is why we are currently finalising the technical design of the Interior of the cube and in particular the maintenance of the electronic card. This is a crucial subject and we think we have found the right solution with a screw system: maintaining the hull + keeping the card. The cube will be solid and even through the years! :-)