Games unlimited!

Unlimited ?

Our promise is to offer you an infinite amount of games with your Cube! An infinite amount of fun content and novelties all the time, that's why our team of hard-working people from France work every day.

One month to play everything!

As soon as you have purchased your Cube, we offer you to try everything freely for a month. A month full of fun during which you can play all the games of the Cube + the creation of your own playlists + a new game every week + all the new features. Everything!

And after this month?

We already know what you are wondering "Yes, but then... we pay?" Indeed, that is the first possibility. If you liked the experience Cube, you can become an UNLIMITED CUBER for 0.99 € per month. Everything, all the time, obviously without any commitment of duration and can be stopped when you want.

Become a CUBER FOR LIFE without spending anything!

You read it right, it's the second possibility: all the games of the Cube and all the novelties FOR LIFE, without spending anything! For that, just need to talk to 2 friends and give them your personal code. When they will buy their Cube on our website, we offer them the shipping costs thanks to your code. Then you become a CUBER FOR LIFE! It's that simple!

you are not yet ready. Don't panic! At the end of the first month, we automatically offer you 5 games, the Great Cube Classics, we have selected for you. You also have the possibility to discover a new game every week. And if you want to become an UNLIMITED CUBER or a CUBER FOR LIFE, it is obviously possible at any time!