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One App, a lot of games

Download the app for free on Apple store or Google play. It is it that contains all the games (already more than 40 games!). But once you play with the cube, it gets forgotten. In connection with your cube by blue-tooth, no stress, she takes care of everything, just play and enjoy!

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The App that speaks

Finally games without a head! Let yourself be guided by the voice of the app. She gives the rule of the game in less than 30 seconds and animates the game. Fun, atmosphere, let's play!

Create your game playlists

A family evening, an aperitif with friends, a children's birthday, create your playlists for each of these occasions. There are some for all the good times!

Mount the level of the atmosphere

Want to light the fire, to set the mood! You need sound and good sound! Connect a Bluetooth speaker to your laptop, it's gone!

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